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Visible on the Internet and in search results

We at CurlFinder make your salon visible on the internet. We take care of a constant improvement and search engine optimization of our pages, so that your Curlies find you.

Marketing activities included

We promote CurlFinder with Google and Facebook ads. We’re additionally active in social media with promotions and giveaways. Your business benefits directly from all these marketing initiatives – without you having to spend extra.

Be part of a growing community

More and more curlfriends are learning to love their curls. A new awareness of natural hair is growing. These curlies are looking for specialists who know what they are doing. And they can find them on CurlFinder. Don’t miss this chance and be part of it with your salon.

Make your business up to date

Any good management consultant will tell you that specialization is the key to standing out from the competition and attracting new customers. You don’t want to differentiate yourself through low prices. Good quality is simply a prerequisite for an increasingly demanding clientele. With CurlFinder you give your craft the profile of a real specialist and reach more financially significant customer groups.

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